If you are new to yoga, and are trying to navigate your way around the many different styles, and millions of YouTube videos, you are no doubt feeling overwhelmed. I mean, why shouldn’t you? Do you think you want to practice Bikram? Yin? Ashtanga? There are at least 8 different style of yoga, ranging from super hard to really easy.

Then you have your YouTube yoga stars. What video do you start with? Boho Beautiful? Adrienne? Nico?? HOLY COW!!! Each of them, by the way is amazing, but they are really different.

So, newbies….

Do your thing. Yes, thats right…..there is no rule that says you have to do Bikram one day, and that is all you will do. Play around. Have some fun. Personally, I like to watch a video, but mute it (I am not going to say who) because the voice isnt relaxing to me. Then, other days, I go with a Boho Beautiful flow (I find her most relaxing).

The most important thing that I have learned in my little while on the mat, is making my practice MINE. If my teacher is in a forward fold, mine may be a little less of a fold, but I am not her, I am me. I know what my limits are, and this is my practice.

Don’t go crazy trying to become what you are watching in the video. Connect with YOU and your energy, and that is when you are really on your way.


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